Get Apache ECharts

Apache ECharts offers a variety of installation options, so you can choose any of the following options depending on your project.

  • Use From GitHub
  • Use From npm
  • Use From CDN
  • Online Customization

We'll go over each of these installation methods and the directory structure after download.


Use From npm

npm install echarts --save

See Introducing Apache ECharts in your project for details.

Use From CDN

Recommend referencing echarts from jsDelivr.

Use From GitHub

You can find links to each version on the release page of the apache/echarts project. Click on the Source code in Assets at the bottom of the download page, and unzip the echarts.js file in the dist directory to include the full ECharts functionality.

Online Customization

If you want to introduce only some modules to reduce package size, you can use the ECharts online customization function.

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