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Apache ECharts (incubating)TM

Contributing to Apache ECharts (incubating)

There are many ways that you can help make ECharts better. Please dive in and help!


Review the issues and see if you can offer some help.

  • If it's a bug report or how-to question, make sure the author has provided a minimum online demo with either Codepen or ECharts Gallery (Chinese) to show what's going wrong.
  • If it's a feature request, make sure the author has a clear explanation about what is expected and a picture would be very helpful for some cases.
  • Help reproduce bugs if an online demo is provided and check the document to see if it's a bug.
  • Issues without a "pending" label are the ones we believe is a bug or a feature we should provide in the future. You may make a pull request to fix them.

Pull Requests

We appreciate pull requests from the community!

Before you start, please checkout the Coding Standard and Apache Code of Conduct.

Please refer to How to setup the dev environment and How to make a pull request for more detailed instructions.

If you have any problem when making pull requests, please comment in the issues or pull requests or send an email to dev@echarts.apache.org to ask for help.

Mailing List

Join us on the mailing list and take part in any conversations.


Documentation is massively important to help users make the most of Apache ECharts (incubating) and it's probably the area that needs the most help! So if you are interested, whether it's just to fix a page here or there, correct a link or improve what documentation is already there, please do dive in and help!

The source code of document is available at GitHub and maybe the easiest way to find where to change is by searching key words already there.

In the issue list, we also have a "doc" label. We appreciate pull requests to fix them indeed!

Becoming a PPMC Member or Committer!

As we mentioned above, we appreciate the help for ECharts in any forms. When we find someone making continuous contributions in the community, we will invite him/her to be our PPMC member or committer.

Being a committer means you have the "write" access to the ECharts project, which enables you to contribute more easily and efficiently.

The Podling Project Management Committee (PPMC) helps a Podling learn how to govern itself. More information can be found at Podling Project Management Committee.

We don't have a fixed single standard for selecting a PPMC member or committer because we value all kinds of help offered. Generally, current PPMC members watch the continuous contributors in the community and start discussion and votes for the candidates, and invite to to be a PPMC member or committer after the vote passes.