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ApacheCon Asia 2021

Apache EChartsTM

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ApacheCon Asia 2021

Coming to your living room this August!

Join us from the comfort of your own home for three days of Apache project content across dozens of categories, from Big Data to Fintech to Search to Tomcat and more.

The Data Visualization track is on 2021.08.06 and the topics are:

13:30 GMT+8Why Apache Superset is Betting on Apache EChartsEnglish SessionVille Brofeldt
14:10 GMT+8Dirty-rectangle Rendering with Apache EChartsEnglish SessionWenli Zhang
14:50 GMT+8The challenge of 16ms - Charting tool optimizationChinese SessionShuang Su
15:30 GMT+8Fun with ECharts! - how we use it in Tesla!Chinese SessionFanchao Meng
16:10 GMT+8Rendering charts using echarts to present community activityChinese SessionSun Yi
16:50 GMT+8echarts4r: ECharts integration with the R programming languageEnglish SessionJohn Coene

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