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Summer 2021 of Open Source Promotion Plan

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Open Source Software Supply Chain Ignite Program - Summer 2021

Event Description

Summer 2021 of Open Source Promotion Plan is a summer program for college students jointly organized by Institute of Software Chinese Academy of Sciences and openEuler community. It aims to encourage college students to actively participate in the development and maintenance of open source software and promote the vigorous development of excellent open source software community.

The organizer will fund projects with student applications, and the corresponding pre-tax prizes are high (RMB 12,000), medium (RMB 9,000), and low (RMB 6,000) depending on the difficulty (note: the prize amounts are pre-tax RMB amounts). Please refer to the official instructions of the Open Source Software Supply Chain Illumination Program for details.

The community needs to designate a community mentor for each project, in the process, you can have a better understanding of the Apache ECharts project development with the help of the mentor.

Event Registration

Please go to the event website to register or for more information.

Project List

Applicants can complete one project from the following list.

#1Graph series support for dragging nodesEasySupport for dragging nodes in case of graph series with layout: none, see: #14510Support for dragging nodes in case of graph series with layout: noneTypeScript
#2Graph charts can be configured to not scaling automaticallyEasyWith`layout: none`, the developer can turn off the adjustment of the node position through an option, ensuring that the position given by the developer is the coordinate of the final rendering. See: #13516Implement using an option to turn off node position adjustmentTypeScript
#3Apache ECharts Issue HelperMediumThe Apache ECharts Issue Helper is a form tool for generating GitHub issues, which is a better way to ensure that the questioner gives the necessary information by using a form rather than Markdown. The project currently has limited functionality and would like to enhance Markdown-related features.
  1. Support for Markdown format (including code) highlighting
  2. Image upload support
  3. Support for Markdown result preview
TypeScript; Vue.js (optional)
#4Example website with third-party editorsMediumThe examples section of the official Apache ECharts website currently uses its own code editor, and the community would like to provide the same functionality for editing examples in major third-party online editors (StackBiz, JSFiddle, CodePen, CodeSandbox).
  1. Add the "Go to CodeSandbox (StackBlitz, jsfiddle, CodePen) Edit" button to the Apache ECharts website sample component
  2. Call the API of a third-party online editor and pass the code used in the example in the jump
#5Asymmetric rawing of theme river seriesMediumThe Apache ECharts theme river is currently drawn using a symmetric drawing method (the overall pattern is symmetric along the x-axis), and it is hoped that the wiggle algorithm will enable an asymmetric drawing to increase the viewability of the river map. See: #14643Implement the function to select the drawing mode of river map using wiggle configuration item in river mapTypeScript; a brief understanding of computer graphics (requires reading algorithm papers and implementing them)
#6Extend the overlap anti-overlap of labelsHighApache ECharts now provides an anti-overlap layout algorithm for labels on some specific graphs such as pie charts. Now we hope to add a more general layout algorithm, which can search for a better position by iteratively searching for the positions where labels can be placed, and solve the label overlap problem when there are more data in the scatterplots and other graphs. You can refer to the existing papers and implementations: 1. An Empirical Study of Algorithms for Point-Feature Label Placement 2. 3.
  1. Add a configuration item to enable only anti-overlap of tags when turned on
  2. The anti-overlap algorithm can achieve a balance between performance, complexity (amount of code) and end result
#7Interleaved coordinate axis labels to optimize label overlapHighNAt present, the axis of Apache ECharts can only hide some of the overlapping labels when there are too many labels, but in some scenarios, the labels can be displayed staggered up and down without hiding them, so I would like to add a configuration that allows the user to intelligently move the overlapping labels up/down (or left/right in the case of the Y-axis).Add an option to enable alternate display of axis labels when turned onTypeScript; need to read the algorithm paper and implement it
#8Circular references to the graph seriesHighSupports graph nodes pointing to themselves. See: #12951
  1. Graph nodes can point to themselves
  2. Configurable parameters to control the position of the connection
  3. Support for multiple lines pointing to themselves